AYCA Committee Roster

The following is a list of American Yacht Charter Association committees.

Committee chairs and liaisons are active email links: you are welcome to contact the appropriate member for issues related to the committee that the serve.

  • By-Laws

    The Bylaws Committee reviews the AYCA code in response to suggestions from the membership and advises the Board of Directors on amendments as appropriate.

    Bob Saxon, Chair | Maggie Vale | Ann-Wallis White | Janina Martinsen

  • Charitable Committee

    Newly formed in 2017.

    Carol Kent, Chair | Anni-Wallis White | Jennifer Saia | Rebecca Riley | Beverly Parsons

  • Communications/ IT / Website

    Maintains the AYCA website and online content as well as distributing news updates to the membership.

    Janet Bloomfield, Chair | Liz Howard, Tony King & Beverly Parsons (Facebook) | DJ Parker

  • Contracts

    The Contract Committee remains abreast of maritime regulations and legislation to determine that charter contracts for different geographic locations remain in compliance with legal and safety requirements.

    Kathleen Mullen, Chair | | Cindy Brown | LeAnn Pliske | Missy Johnston

  • Contract Distribution

    Members have access to a supply of industry standard contracts for use in their retail businesses.

    Angela Connery

  • Environmental

    Newly established in 2017.

    Mary Crowley, Chair | Trish Cronan | Katie Macpherson | June Montagne
    CYBA Environmental Committee Liaison: Jenny Trotter

  • Ethics

    The Ethics Committee resolves disputes between members, arbitrates solutions and guides resolutions according to the By-Laws.

    Gina Robertson, Chair | Pat Codere, Steve McCrea, LeAnn Pliske,
    Ann Landry

  • Industry Listing Services Committee

    This committee keeps tabs on the various databases which charter brokers use to globally search yacht availability for their clients.

    Missy Johnston, Chair | Michael Sawyer | Karen Kelly Shea

  • Membership

    The Membership Committee maintains the procedures, forms and membership fees as well as reviewing new applications for entry to AYCA.

    Molly Marston, Chair | Karen Kelly Shea | Heather Krebs | Sylvia Weston | Sandy Carney, Leann Pliske, Steve McCrae, Rebecca Riley, Beverly Parsons | DJ Parker

  • Newsletter Subcommittee

    The Newsletter Committee distributes periodic information to the membership on industry events and AYCA information.

    Liz Howard, Chair | Patty Trusel (Co-chair and Editor) | June Montagne | Missy Johnston | Beverly Parsons |
    Sandy Taylor

  • Nominating

    The Nominating Committee selects and appoints a roster of Directors and Officers for election at the annual AYCA meeting.

    DJ Parker, Angela Connery, Crom Littlejohn

  • Policies and Procedures Committee

    The Procedures Committe ensures and enforces the activities of AYCA according to the By-Laws and industry customs.

    DJ Parker

  • Publicity

    The Publicity Committee is in charge of distributing news about AYCA activities to the media and yachting industry at large.

    Carol Kent, Chair | Jennifer Saia | Sandy Carney | Molly Marston | Sylvia Weston | Karen Kelly Shea

  • US Coast Guard / STCW / MARAD / MCA / IMO Committee

    This committee keeps track of legislation and enforcement practices of international maritime law and reports any applications which may directly affect the business of yacht chartering.

    Karen Kelly Shea, Chair | Ann Landry | Janina Martinsen

  • Antigua Show Liaison

    This annual trade show is held in December and is one of the largest showcases of charter yachts in the Caribbean.

    June Montagne

  • Newport Show Liaison

    This annual trade show is held in June and is one of the largest showcases of charter yachts in New England.

    Pila Pexton

  • Charter Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA) Liaison

    Another industry trade association for professional yacht charter brokers, CYBA is an important voice in the yacht business. (Many AYCA members are also CYBA members, entry requirements are less stringent.)

    Kathleen Mullen

  • Florida Yacht Brokers Association (FYBA) Liaison

    Fort Lauderdale is considered to be the "Yachting Capital of the U.S." and the owner of the annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

    Bob Saxon

  • Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA) Liaison

    MYBA keeps abreast of all European yachting activiites and also runs the annual Genoa Yacht Meeting (see our History page for the story of AYCA's involvement in the birth of that event).

    Missy Johnston

  • Australia / New Zealand Liaison

    The land downunder is a beautiful charter destination with legalities particular to that geographic area and our liaison keeps tabs on any events in that region.

    Diane Fraser

  • Croatia Liaison

    At this time, there is no named liaison for the region of Croatia, and this site will be updated when an AYCA member is identified for this responsibility.

    Diana Mares-Brody

  • Greek Liaison

    Greece has always had a separate set of rules from the rest of the European Union and chartering in the Greek isles has a very strict set of contingencies.

    Nicole Caufield

  • Mexico Liaison

    From the Yucatan to Baja, yachts passing from the United States like to offer charters in Mexican waters - as long as they abide by Mexican legalities.

    Beverly Parsons

  • Turkey Liaison

    Neighbors with Greece, the Turks have a very different set of rules involving foreign yacht charters that must be monitored for contractual compliance with their statutes.

    Beverly Parsons

  • Historian

    Our historian keeps records of significant events and activities of the AYCA in order to ensure that our association documents the challenges and solutions made by our association to the yachting industry.

    Ann-Wallis White | Jody Lexow

  • Social Secretary / TLC (Unofficial Position)

    Our meetings take some logistical planning and our social secretary ensures that attending members enjoy camrarderie and new members are introduced and warmly received.

    Ann-Wallis White

  • Name Badges

    Look for our issued name badges at yacht professional events to identify AYCA members.

    Danielle Tait Barton