Work with the Best

The American Yacht Charter Association (AYCA) is committed to maintaining professionalism, integrity, communications and standardization in the business of the yacht charter industry.

AYCA brokers are your best assurance for a safe and legal yacht charter

Our membership is committed to the highest standards of excellence to ensure that our enterprises are legal, safe and enjoyable for the customers that we serve.

AYCA charter brokers and charter managers are already well established with longtime experience. By combining each member's sound international background, AYCA offers the strength, support and knowledge that benefit all clients dealing with an experienced AYCA charter professional.


The yacht charter contract is the single most important document in a yacht charter transaction. It identifies all responsibilities and business terms for the establishment and duration of the charter, supplying protection for the charterer and the yacht owner.

In 2000, the AYCA created a standardized yacht charter contract applicable to American flag vessels operating on a worldwide basis and all flag vessels operating in American waters.


Chartering is an international industry, regulated by customs, cabotage, and business laws specific to a particular cruising area.

To reduce problems and provide the most protection for our clients, the AYCA has worked constantly on creating standardized business terms that can be recognized and adhered to on a worldwide basis.

Founded in 1986, the AYCA is an industry group for full-time, professional yacht charter brokers. Our efforts have had a considerable influence on chartering in all parts of the world.

Coast Guard

Every AYCA broker is well educated on U.S. Coast Guard rules and regulations.

In fact, the AYCA has a direct Washington, DC liaison with the Coast Guard which helps to streamline our mission to interpret and apply legalities to the yacht charter industry. You can read about the details on our History page.