Current Projects

The AYCA committees and membership remain focused on any potential changes affecting the yacht charter industry around the world as well as participating in the legal processes which govern our professional activities.


The AYCA continues to work on a series of contracts specific to American flag vessels operating on a worldwide basis and to all flag vessels operating in American waters.

Our goal is for the charterer and owner to be protected under the appropriate law as attached to the charter by the country to which the vessel is flagged, but to also use a recognizable set of business terms that can be applied to each charter on a worldwide basis.

Both charterers and owners can then become familiar and comfortable with the expectation that the same business terms will be applied to charter in any location.

To accomplish this, the AYCA continues to work with attorneys to help establish uniformity in this worldwide industry.

Worldwide Yacht Charter legalities

The U.S. Coast Guard, International Maritime Organization (IMO), U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Adminstration (MARAD), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), International Convention for Safety of Life At Sea (SOLAS), Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) etc. are constantly attempting to establish greater safety conditions worldwide, with new maritime conventions, rules and regulations.

These changing regulations all affect the yacht charter industry, and the AYCA continues, through volunteer work and research, to stay informed and help make the decisions to move our industry forward.

International Yacht Charter Meeting

Genoa, Italy: The AYCA (in partnership with MYBA) founded and continues to promote this annual industry charter meeting, which is held in May and opens the Western Mediterranean charter season. Yachts gather at the docks in Genoa for inspection by hundreds of worldwide charter brokers and managers.

This is the only charter show run by the industry, for the industry. Besides the featured charter yachts which are open for brokers to view and meet the crew, industry exhibitors offer products and services to the charter industry.

Educational seminars for brokers and crews to be updated on any developements in the industry and hash out any issues which may be controversial.

For clients who book in Europe, it would be wise to ensure that their AYCA broker has attended this meeting so as to ensure the best possible quality charter yacht in various budget categories.

Liaison with other Worldwide Charter Organizations

The AYCA continues through volunteer work by its members, to stay in constant contact with other major worldwide trade organizations, exchanging information and working on mutually beneficial projects.

Many of our members hold affiliations with these organizations - which assures their clients that they take their profession goals to the highest level.

The AYCA is considered the American sister organization to the Mediterranean Yacht Charter Association (MYBA) and works closely with this organization.