Membership Requirements

To be eligible and to remain a member of the American Yacht Charter Association, charter brokers and charter managers must have a clear record of adherence to high ethical standards within the industry, with excellent business practices and the reputation of a strong financial basis.

The AYCA Member must be familiar with the ramifications of the different contracts and use Escrow or Trust accounts when possible, to provide maximum protection for clients and their deposited funds

Full Membership

Each candidate must have a minimum of 7 years consistent experience to apply for Full Membership.

All Members must regularly attend a number of crewed charter yacht shows and inspect the yachts and crews they recommend to their clients.

All Members must attend at least one of two semi annual meetings each year to remain a Member in good standing.

Affiliate Membership

Brokers and managers may apply for an Affiliate Membership when they have at least 4 years consistent experience. Once an Affiliate Member has 7 years of experience, they can then upgrade their status to a Full Membership.

> Contact our Membership Commitee Chair for more details.